Staff: Dr. Erika Enos

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  • Office Appointments (Denver)

    • New Patient Appointment $295
      During a new patient appointment, a thorough holistic history is taken, appropriate physical exams performed, and  recent labs reviewed and/or appropriate labs suggested.  A personalized treatment plan is given and long term treatment goals set. Supplement, remedy, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations are made.  
    • Follow-up Appointment
      Follow up appointments typically last 30 -45 minutes, but have up to 60 available to them.    Pricing starts at $110 for up to 30 minutes.  Full 60 minute follow ups are $175. 
    • Follow-up Phone Consult
      Designed for out of town or state patient's when Skype is not convenient.  This is for a regular follow up on ongoing chronic issues or new issues. Price range is from 110 - 150 depending on length and complexity. 
    • Cranial Sacral Therapy $90
      Cranial sacral therapy is a very gentle hands on therapy that allows the body to relax deeply and access its own ability to heal and rebalance.  It is used for both physical and mental/emotional conditions.  Packages are available at a special rate.
    • Follow-up Plus Cranial Sacral $185
      Cranial sacral treatments can enhance the effectiveness of any appointment and treatment plan.
    • Acute
      Acute issues include coughs, colds, flus, ear aches, etc.  Cost of acute appointments vary depending on complexity.  Price range is generally $45 - 75.  5 - 15 minute phone consults for advice on acutes generally run $25 - 40.  
    • Nasal Specific $55
      A nasal specific involves an adjustment to the nasal passaged and sinuses.  This is a non-invlasive treatment that can produce dramatic results.  It is used as part of a larger treatment plan for allergies, headaches, acute and chronic sinus issues, sleep apnea and more.  A nasal specific can be added on to a regular appointment or scheduled as a stand alone treatment.    As an add on the price is $25.  Packages are available at a special rate.
    • Phone Consult, Brief
      This is a consult for existing patients and should be used in place of back and forth emails for extended clarification, a short review of lab work or adjustments to treatment plans.  New or extended issues should be booked as either in office follow ups or Skype/phone.  Price ranges form $25 - $75 depending on length of conversation and complexity.   
    • Is this a good fit? In office Free
      Meet Dr. Enos in person to see if the fit is right for you both before committing to a new patient appointment. 
    • Is this a good fit? Phone Free
      A 10-15 minute phone call with Dr. Enos to see if the fit is good for you both before committing to a new patient appointment.  
  • Skype/Phone Appointments

    • Follow-up Skype Appointment
      Phone and Skype appointments take the same time and care that in office visits to.  Pricing is typically $110 - 195.  Most phone consults last 30 minutes and these are 110. Longer, more complex calls are price accordingly. 
    • New Patient Skype Appointment $295

      If you are a new patient, we prefer to see you in person for your first appointment but we do make exceptions.  Please contact before scheduling.    New patient phone and Skype appointments are generally broken up into an initial 30-45 minute consult and a second one within the next 48 hours.